Full Service Freight Management

Freight Tracking & Reporting

Customized Tracking System

J.M. Rodgers has the expertise and the resources to provide an event driven system for all of your shipments. Our system has the ability to communicate with all the major carriers and offers real-time status views of all of your shipments. We will work with you to identify the stages of each shipment that you require regular metrics on, and set up automated notifications at each event.

Freight and Container Tracking

J.M. Rodgers can track virtually any import or freight activity that you require. We feel this information is best conveyed to our clients via our live websites. Our Air/Ocean Tracking site is easy to customize and it is essentially a small search engine allowing the user to search a shipment by B/L number, container number, PO numbers, Comm. Invoice Numbers, vessel names, etc.

It can quickly find a shipment by any piece of information the client chooses to track. Several pieces of information that are tracked include (not limited to):

  • J.M. Rodgers Reference Number
  • Master B/L
  • Container Number
  • Vessel Name
  • Supplier
  • Port of Lading/Discharge
  • Port of Destination
  • Loading Date
  • Departure Date
  • Container Available Pickup Date
  • Inland Trucking Firm
  • Last Free Day Demurrage
  • Empty Container Return Date
  • Arrival Date (Port of Discharge)
  • Arrival Date (Final Destination)
  • Customs Release Date
  • Documentation
  • Delivery Order Sent Date

Landed Cost Reports

J.M. Rodgers will use the information we are provided as brokers to determine the cost of each piece and determine the total cost, factoring in the costs of freight, duty, and related charges. The information we provide can get down to decimals by SKU. We offer these reports on all the entries and shipments that we work on as an added value service.

Forecasting Cargo Needs and Requirements

We take pride in being able to meet your requirements quickly, and also offer assistance to help you evaluate your cargo needs and requirements on a larger scale. Our reporting capabilities, our strong network, and our heuristic approach to understanding of your products, needs, and the changing landscape are valuable benefits to our strategic partnership.

Paperless Record Keeping

J.M. Rodgers has established paperless record keeping since September 1st, 2001. We provide all importers paperwork (Customs form 7501, commercial invoices, packing list, airway bill, house bill, J.M. Rodgers bill, Customs release, delivery order) to the importer electronically (either by e-mail or CD). As a paperless approved broker we keep all records in an electronic format, with the hard copies stored within our premises or a highly secure filing warehouse.