Duty Drawback

Duty Drawback Specialists

J.M. Rodgers has a team of professionals with a broad background and experience in all phases of international trade. This allows us, collectively, to keep abreast of the latest drawback rulings by U.S. Customs, ensuring that no available drawback opportunities are overlooked. We are business people who appreciate the financial concerns of our clients and therefore are able to offer continuous consultation and analysis of all new financial opportunities. As your company grows, J.M. Rodgers grows with it by adapting to your changing duty drawback needs.

Some companies might be able to handle their own duty drawback program; however, a lot of time can be lost attempting to learn and adhere to applicable regulations. This will result in the loss of potential refunds, since eligible exports expire daily.

Working For You

Companies can eliminate substantial costs in labor and overhead by allowing J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc. to handle your drawback program. In addition, you will not have to fear the loss of the employee who takes all of their drawback knowledge with them when they retire, get promoted or leave the company. At a time when companies are downsizing, maintaining your own, in house, drawback staff is becoming increasingly difficult.

J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc. will become your fully qualified competent staff. We will set up your drawback program so that there is a minimum amount of effort on your part with the maximum drawback recovery allowable.

We prepare the paperwork necessary to obtain your eligibility for the U.S. Customs provision of accelerated payment. Once approved for this, you will obtain your drawback refunds within 6 weeks from the date your drawback claim is filed. We have an excellent working relationship with Customs and Border Protection personnel, at both the port level as well as at headquarters, allowing us the ability to monitor and to expedite the processing of your drawback claims. We will work with your suppliers to gain their cooperation in turning over drawback rights to your company, as well as assist in the preparation of the necessary paperwork.

Hundreds of shipping containers sit pier-side. The importation and exportation of goods is at the heart of duty drawback.

Audit Protection: We’ve Got Your Back

J.M. Rodgers Co, Inc. will be present at all drawback audits by U.S. Customs to protect your company’s interests. We will inform you well in advance of the records which must be kept on file in the event of an audit. J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc. will protect you from violating U.S. Customs regulations by insuring that all claims are processed in accordance with the statutory drawback laws and regulations. This insures that your company will not have to return money and/or pay penalties.

Maximizing Your Investment

Since we receive a commission based only on the recovery of duties that we obtain on your behalf, it’s in our best interest to recover the maximum dollars allowable by law in the most expeditious manner possible.

More than ever before, U.S. firms are pursuing customers overseas. Most, however, continue to overlook potential drawback, while others quietly recover millions of dollars annually. Drawback can reduce the sale price of exports since the cost of goods sold is lowered by the recovery of duty. Some companies would not make a profit without the benefit of drawback. In addition, our country benefits from an improved balance of trade when, because of drawback, the incentive to export is increased. Our foreign markets will increase as industry takes advantage of drawback nationwide. Drawback can be an excellent marketing tool.

Companies paying import duties, but not exporting, can pass on their drawback rights to the exporter, thus lowering the actual cost of their product without actually lowering the price. Both you and your customer will gain a competitive edge. Finally, financial executives should view drawback as a cost-saving program. J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc. is fully licensed by the U.S. Customs Service to provide this invaluable service. Just remember, $100,000 recovered by drawback is $100,000 added directly to your bottom line.