Duty Drawback FAQ

Common Questions About Duty Drawback

What is duty drawback?

Duty drawback is a whole or partial refund, reduction or waiver of customs duties, internal revenue taxes and certain fees assessed or collected on imports which are subsequently exported or destroyed.

Not sure if you qualify for drawback? Contact J.M. Rodgers Co. and our drawback specialists will help you determine your eligibility.

What are the types of duty drawback?

Manufacturing Direct Identification Drawback, Manufacturing Substitution Drawback, Unused Merchandise Direct Identification Drawback, Unused Merchandise Substitution Drawback amongst many others. Talk to our duty drawback specialists in order to find out which type may make sense for your business.

What is a duty drawback evaluation?

The process of identifying the duty drawback opportunity of a firm, including determining the extent of recoverable monies as well as the steps necessary to implement a duty drawback program. Contact J.M. Rodgers Co. today for a drawback evaluation to see if you qualify for duty drawback.

What is a duty drawback program?

The implementation of a professionally managed plan for the purpose of reducing export costs by recovering duty paid on previously imported items on a recurring basis. J.M. Rodgers Co. is a recognized leader in the field of duty drawback. Contact us today so we can develop and manage a custom drawback program that will benefit your company.

What information do I need to provide in order to file a duty drawback claim?

The documentation and applications needed to file a drawback claim vary based on the type of drawback and other factors. Contact J.M. Rodgers Co. today and a duty drawback specialist will work with you to address your unique needs.

How long does it take to get my duty drawback refund?

Generally, the duty drawback process can take between four and eight months from startup to receiving the first check. This depends on a number of factors including import and export transaction complexity, the availability of electronic records, and the number of parties involved. Accelerated payment is also available in certain situations. Contact a J.M. Rodgers drawback specialist to find out if you qualify.

How long do I have to file a drawback claim?

The drawback claim must be filed and completed within three years after exportation of the drawback product. J.M. Rodgers Co. can manage the duty drawback process on your company’s behalf including the handling and timing of drawback claims. Contact us today to learn more.

What is a waiver of prior notice?

A waiver of the prior notice requirement of export intent that companies who re-export their unused goods must provide to Customs. Once a waiver is obtained, the claimant can export its goods at will and without notice to Customs.